Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc. specializes in the transport and customs release of your goods. Whether it is by air, ocean, rail or road we will take care of carrying and having your goods released at destination ! :: A passion for solutions !


Success can only be achieved with careful planning, Arthur L. Brunette & Associates provides on a personal or commercial basis personalized trans-border solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Arthur L. Brunette & Associates has developed over the years a great array of partners which fully compliment our vast services such as : transport, document preparation, Customs clearance and freight management on shipments you have confided us.

Whether your shipment transits via ground, rail ocean or air you can count on Arthur L. Brunette & Associate's professional expertise to support you all along the journey.

  • Canadian, American and foreign Customs clearance of your goods
  • Regional, local, national & international freight
  • Warehousing, pick & pack and small parcel services
  • Educational training and consulting
  • FDA Regulation assistance
  • Assistance to individuals about Customs import export formalities
Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc.  : A passion for solutions !

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