Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc. specializes in the transport and customs release of your goods. Whether it is by air, ocean, rail or road we will take care of carrying and having your goods released at destination ! :: A passion for solutions !


Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc. has been active in the importing & exporting community for more than 30 years as a company who provides professional advice. Our company was founded with the client in mind, personalized service is a must and we customize our services to suit your needs towards Customs. At Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc. we serve our clients on a one on one basis.

The expertise, professionalism and approach of our Consultants are the reason of our success as is our guaranty that you will be satisfied by getting a greater level of quality service

Whether our services are required in the interpretation of Customs regulations or for supply chain solutions, rest assured that our services will facilitate and optimize your chances in reducing costly delays, penalities and non compliant declarations..

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Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc.  : A passion for solutions !

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