Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc. specializes in the transport and customs release of your goods. Whether it is by air, ocean, rail or road we will take care of carrying and having your goods released at destination ! :: A passion for solutions !


Successful imports and exports essentially rely on respecting variable commercial rules and regulations of each individual countries. Due to greater and greater complexities in the Customs cargo releasing procedures, more and more steps and supporting documents are necessary creating delays and additional costs.

Appointing a Customs broker will inevitably reduce your costs in the matterof tariffs, loss of time and energy spent to manage the release and declarations of your cargo directly with Customs and at the same time you can receive guidance as to how to handle the logistics of your import/export transactions while staying in compliance and aware of the latest developments in the fields of Customs and trade.

At your disposal is a complete team of highly trained professionals ready to assist you with your imports and export needs

At Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc. your shipments a quickly and efficiently released with Customs at the same time the documents are reviewed in order to comply with all Customs regulations in order to avoid costly delays and penalties

- Complete Canadian & American Customs Brokerage
- NAFTA Compliance (North American Free Trade Agreement)
- Local & border rail, ground, ocean or air Customs Compliance
- OGA Permit application(s)
- Temporary declarations
- Drawbacks / Amendments & refunds of duties & applicable taxes
- Consulting, strategies and opinions

Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc.  : A passion for solutions !
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