Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc. specializes in the transport and customs release of your goods. Whether it is by air, ocean, rail or road we will take care of carrying and having your goods released at destination ! :: A passion for solutions !


More and more companies must rely on Customs Consultants due to the demanding changes of Customs and the complexity of mandatory Customs Compliance. With more than 30 years of experience in this domain, Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc. can help you, assit you in aspects of Customs such as : classifications, tariff concessions, rulings, tarriff relief programs and duty/tax reporting, valuation, special measures act, free trade, origins, marking, labelling and much more.


Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc. even offers tailored educative programs, seminars and courses to assist it's clients. These courses can be general or subject specific.

Arthur L. Brunette & Associates Inc.  : A passion for solutions !

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